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Grand Traverse Pie Company Serves Up Thousands of Pies for National Cherry Festival

If you’ve been to the National Cherry Festival, you’ve probably seen, smelled and even tasted the cherry pies from the Grand Traverse Pie Company.

The restaurant is baking hundreds of pies every day for a grand total of more than 8,000 pies throughout the festival.

Co-founder Mike Busley says it’s a task that puts all hands on deck.

"It’s a great week for us, it’s a lot of work. Our bakers work very hard and our counter folks. But it just feels so good. You know, it’s a team effort with the festival and us, our bakers and our counter folks, it’s a lot of fun,” Busley said.

The company will also be hosting a make and bake fundraiser Thursday, teaching kids how to make their own pies.