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What’s Growing With Tom: Week Four

Promo Image: What’s Growing With Tom: Week Four

Broccoli, carrots, and peppers are all sprouting up just outside our door.

Our in house-gardener and Chief Meteorologist Tom O’Hare shows us the progress of the Doppler 9&10 weather garden outside the Heritage House.  

The last couple of weeks we have been dealing with clouds, cool temperatures and lots of rainfall.

It’s great to see the stretch we are getting right now.

Bright sunshine and things are drying out very nicely, and the plants are really responding.

Look at the zucchini squash, it’s really popping up here just last week.

Got a nice couple of blossoms. I suspect it will be overflowing this raised bed shortly.

The broccoli look fantastic, now there are little bits of bug problems here and there but they really developed the last couple of days and down between, I know there is limited sun but you can see the carrots are getting a little bit of development there.

They really popped compared to last time. I see a little bits of greens trying but I’m not too worried about those guys.

Peppers are looking good, a couple blossoms right there.

Those are my jalapenos peppers we might see a couple from that. Tomatoes, well, I don’t see much developing right now.

We’ve got to watch these guys closely. They might be struggling a little bit. Give it some more time.

I see at least a couple blossoms there and here in our other garden. Lettuce is just no problems there. Squash just like the other garden are fantastic.

Here are the green beans. I may have to weed a couple of these out.

And here’s the other peppers developing, so this drying spell is going to help them out and we’re going to water every so often but I think we’re on track at this point, may have to take care of the bugs here and there but I don’t see any major problems compared to last week.

We are looking good overall and with this warm spell coming through and this nice dry weather, it should be fantastic for the weather garden.