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Traverse City Boom Boom Club Gets Ready To Light Up The Sky

Promo Image: Traverse City Boom Boom Club Gets Ready To Light Up The Sky

“For our crews this is one of the hardest working times of the whole year.”

One thousand, five hundred fireworks all going off in a matter of 30 minutes.

It all takes place under the watchful eye of Bruce Tyree.

“This show in Traverse City it’s all computer fired, choreographed to music. Every shell has to be placed at a specific moment in the music in a specific position on the barge,” Bruce Tyree, co-owner, Great Lakes Fireworks said.

This show takes hours of detailed planning, the end result undoubtedly worth it.

“I’m a big patriot so the celebration of our nation’s freedom is really important to me, it’s ingrained in my heart and it’s really great to provide entertainment people enjoy in celebrating the freedom of our nation,” Tyree said.

The entire event made possible by the Traverse City Boom Boom Club who spends the year raising tens of thousands of dollars to light up the skies over West Bay.

“When you hear the cheers and the boats honking their horns, you see the little kids, my grandchildren come and they’re just enamored with it so it gives you a good sense of pride that the work was well worth it,” Tim Hinkley, president, Traverse City Boom Boom Club said.

And the first fireworks are set to go off right around 10:30 Tuesday night.