Lake City Celebrates Independence Day With Christmas Themed Parade

Across the country there are celebrations of our freedom.

A Christmas in July themed parade marched into downtown Lake City Tuesday, as part of the Greatest Fourth In The North event.

Photojournalist Derrick Larr takes us there.    

“This year our theme for the parade is patriotic, of course,” Kay Gill said.

“But also a Christmas theme, so you will look around and see people with Christmas hats a decorations on,” Gill said.

“It brings back people from Lake City, it brings people from around the area as you can tell the streets are crowded with a lot of spectators,” she said.

“The 4th of July to our group is primarily a patriotic day to celebrate our freedom and to thank everyone who has been a part of keeping us free,” Gill said.

“But also a big family time to get together and spend happy times together,” Gill said.

“We take great pride in our small town and we are very patriotic here, and are really enthusiastic about the 4th of July,” Gill said.

“The fact that so many people come here to support this event and this town tells you what kind of community we have here, just enjoy being together,” Gill said.