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Traverse City Kids Make Lasting Memories At Salvation Army Summer Camp

Promo Image: Traverse City Kids Make Lasting Memories At Salvation Army Summer Camp

Summer camps can get pretty pricey, and some even cost hundreds of dollars.

That’s why the Salvation Army is hosting a camp for kids that might not otherwise get the chance to go.

"Without investment in our children, we don’t have investment in our future."

That’s one reason the Salvation Army has hosted their summer kids camp every summer for the last ten-plus summers.

Sam has been a counselor for two years now.

He came back for his second year because of the impact he can have on the kids’ lives.

“I really like the feeling it has and the impact you get to have on the kids being a Christ follower is a huge me part of my life and I feel it’s important to have that impact on these kids,” explains Counselor, Sam Elmi.

And he’s even learned a thing in or two about himself.

“You learn the skills from 5 to almost 12 years old of how they look at the world,” says Elmi. “I mean I know we all used to be that age but it’s different now.”

Which is why coming here every day has been so rewarding for Sam.

“There’s so many kids here that come and they have a love to be here and want to hang out with you and they just look up to you,” says Elmi.

They do things like go to the movies, library, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and ice skating.

“We’ll have them go to that field trip and have them spend the best part of their lives there,” says Elmi.

Tabitha is excited to be here for her first year. She doesn’t just go for the fun, though. It’s the people that she really cares about.

"We can always be there for each other and that we can take care of each other," says camp participant, Tabitha.

Friends that Tabitha has made at camp have quickly become something a lot more.

"We’re all family if someone’s feeling left out you go help them and let them play with you,” says Tabitha.

Registration for camp starting on July 10 through July 14 is open.

To register,