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The Workshop Brewing Company Handles Busy Days During National Cherry Festival

“This weekend has been spectacular, we really hit it off really hard,” said manager Greg Manley at the Workshop Brewing Company.

The National Cherry Festival brings thousands of people to Traverse City and it obviously means non-stop business for local restaurants.

The Workshop Brewing Company for one is just down the street from the open space, which is the center of the action right now.

Many locals and out-of-towners fill their location during the festival.

Workshop Brewing has a motto: nature, community and craft.

They want those visiting the area to enjoy something unique and help them with something they do all year round, preserve Northern Michigan’s natural environment.

They are prepared to handle the crowds all week long

“We’ve definitely had to staff up really hard, we’re staffed more than we have ever been in the past,” said Manley. “We’re continually surprising ourselves with how busy we are and what we need to do, everyone’s putting in the extra hours to get things done and everyone’s coming together as a team and a family, and we’re all pushing each other.”

They will also have live music throughout the week