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Harrison Trailer Destroyed In Fire, No One Hurt

Promo Image: Harrison Trailer Destroyed In Fire, No One Hurt

A mobile home is destroyed after a fire ripped through it Monday night.

Now crews are trying to figure out why.

Crews got the call around seven that smoke was coming from the home on Larch Road in Harrison.

They rushed to the scene where they found the home filled with flames.

Crews were worried someone was inside, but soon learned everyone who lives in the home was out to dinner.

The fire chief says he breathed a sigh of relief as soon as he confirmed everyone was OK.

“When you hear about someone in the residence your heart really sinks, so when you find out no one is in there your whole outlook changes, you give a little sigh of relief, but you still have a fire to fight still have to save as much as you can,” Chris Damvelt, Harrison fire chief said.

The Harrison Community Fire Department called for backup because they were short staffed from the holiday weekend.

The cause remains under investigation.