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Cadillac Fire Department, Ebels General Store Explain How to Grill Safely

A sizzling sound is gracing the ears more and more in Northern Michigan.

 But firing up that grill comes with its own dangers.

From undercooked food to fire danger , we have some tips to keep you safe and well fed at the barbecue this 4th of July.

The Cadillac Fire Department reminds you to clean your grill before cooking.

Make sure it’s a safe distance from your home and away from anything flammable.

And that kids know the grill is on.

Ebels General Store says you also want to make sure you cook the food properly.

“When you take them off the grill, you set them on a plate, the juice should come clear, not red anymore. If you don’t have a thermometer, a lot of people don’t check that internal temperature. That’s a pretty good way to gauge if it’s done or not,” Mark Ebels, Ebels General Store said.

And if a fire does spark, make sure you have an extinguisher nearby and are familiar with how to use it.

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