Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department Patrols Higgins Lake Amid DJ Party

A D.J’s party on Higgins Lake kicked off Saturday and law enforcement was on standby to make sure everyone who was there was having fun legally.

D.J. Fade was banned from Torch Lake two years ago after a massive party he promoted.

Many say, it got out of hand.

This year he is at Higgins Lake where a smaller crowd of boats gathered Saturday afternoon.

Law enforcement says regardless of the DJ’s presence, they have always been active in keeping everyone safe at the lake.

Their focus this weekend is on alcohol violations.

“As far as D.J. Fade, he’s been here before, people show up whether he is here or not, we are just here to make sure nothing bad happens,” said Roscommon County Sheriff Edward Stern.

  People that live around Higgins Lake put together a garbage barge to keep the shores of the lake clean.