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St. Ignace US Coast Guard’s Mascot Onyx Greets Visitors at Engineers Day

Autographs were being handed out at the sector Soo Coast Guard Friday morning, but it wasn’t the normal John Hancocks.

Onyx, the mascot of the Saint Ignace Coast Guard was in Sault Ste Marie pawing out autographs.

Onyx was a stray 10 years ago when the coast guard took him in.

Recently, books have been written about the black lab’s journeys through his eyes.

Onyx is more than just a stray to the coasties.

“She’s loved by everybody.  She’s a great moral dog for the unit.  She brings smiles to everyone at the unit.  Loves little kids.  Just great to have there as a pick me up if you are having a rough day,” Daniel Dean, United States Coast Guard, St. Ignace said.

This was just one of many events going on at the Coast Guard open house during Engineers Day in the Soo.

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