Local Law Enforcement Prepares for Busy Weekend on Torch Lake

Friday marks the start of Fourth of July weekend, the busiest weekend for Torch Lake.

The lake sits in both Antrim and Kalkaska counties, and the sand bar has been the go-to spot on July 4 for years.

That hasn’t always been ideal for law enforcement and the people living nearby.

People are wasting no time getting out on Torch Lake and getting a head start to enjoying their weekend.

Two years ago during the Fourth of July weekend there was a big sand bar bash.

That prompted trash and pollution in the lake, and trespassing on the properties of the people living nearby.

After a lawsuit against the party promoters and help from the Torch Lake Protection Alliance, last year’s July 4 made a turnaround.   

The Torch Lake Protection Alliance, homeowners and law enforcement are working to have the same outcome this year.

We’ll be out on the lake with Kalkaska County deputies finding out what they have in store for this weekend to make sure all goes well.