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Higgins Lake Homeowners Take Action To Keep Lake Clean Before DJ Fade

Promo Image: Higgins Lake Homeowners Take Action To Keep Lake Clean Before DJ Fade

DJ Fade will be on Higgins Lake hosting sandbar parties all weekend.

But it comes with concerns.

Many say that holidays have run smooth out on Lake Higgins.

But with DJ Fade coming to the lake, some people are already taking action to make sure it stays clean.

“We decided there was a bunch of people complaining about the trash and rightfully so. We decided to buy an old pontoon boat  and stick it out here,” Brian Mills said.

Brian, a homeowner near the lake, has a plan.

“We’re going to put barrels down the side of it, big blue barrels maybe four, five down each side. We will put buckets for cigarette butts and a sign that says all empties go inside the boat,” Brian said.

Brian is determined to make sure the lake stays clean.

“I love my lake, and all my friends love my lake. Everyone’s concern is there isn’t something that happens like Torch Lake and that’s what it blows down to. My kid swims in that lake whenever he can and everyone else’s kids do, so we just ask everyone has a blast, but respects the lake,” said Brian.

Many Higgins Lake homeowners have high hopes.

 “I hope that everyone behaves. We have always been truly blessed. The sheriff’s department is wonderful and they are always back and forth and keeping a really close eye on things. We have never really had a problem with it,” Karen, a home owner said.

We did reach out to DJ Fade but he declined to speak with us.

However, Brian tells us the DJ will be announcing to those at the party to put trash on the boat.