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Harbor Springs Veteran Finds Kidney Donor in His Hometown

A Harbor Springs Air Force veteran is receiving the gift of a lifetime. Terry Ranney will be getting a new kidney.

The donor is a stranger, but she only lives a few blocks down the road.  

9&10’s Aaron Parseghian has more on the incredible story on how the two found each other.

“It’s very tough on the body, by the time I walk out it’s about a 5 hour process,” said Ranney.

Terry has end-stage renal failure, he has been undergoing dialysis for several years. To live a normal life, he would need a new kidney.

“It’s been three years and it didn’t seem like I was going anywhere with the donor list,” explained Ranney.

He tried another option, albeit, reluctantly.

"I don’t like asking for help,” said Ranney.

Terry posted to Facebook. Just days later he got a curious reply from a stranger.

“It was very candid she was like, well I got two kidneys, you want one?” explained Ranney.

That stranger was Molly Veling.

“I have always been a helper, my mom has always said it’s one of my best and worst traits,” said Veling.

Interestingly enough, they only lived blocks apart from each other in Harbor Springs.

After they met, Molly underwent numerous tests, doctors determined she was a match. She was all-in to help Terry.

“It just was a gut instinct that it needed to be done. I’ve watched a lot of people suffer with different diseases that I can’t help or do anything about, and this one I can,” said Veling.

“Molly is a pretty darn, great person. It’s just amazing, there’s a lot to be said about being from a small town and the kind of people you run into,” said Ranney.

The kind of person who would give up their kidney to help out.

“It is so worth it. It is watching someone be given a second chance, and it’s extremely rewarding,” said Veling.

Terry and Molly are raising money to help pay for recovery costs, .

They expect to undergo the surgery this fall.

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