Hook and Hunting: The Northern Angler Prepares For Busy Holiday Weekend

With Fourth of July Weekend approaching fisherman are gearing up for some time on the water.

The Northern Angler Fly Shop in Traverse City says this time of year is extremely busy.

Come Saturday They’ll have even more people stopping in looking for the best fishing spots  and the type of fish they can find.

This week’s rain has helped prolong the local trout fishing.

Since the holiday weekend extends into Monday The Northern Angler is expecting a crowd.

Owner Brian Pitser says, “If you can take a four-day-weekend and get up north and enjoy all that we have to offer I would hope that people are able to do that. So Fourth of July being on a Tuesday we do expect to see more people out on the river and lakes.”

The Northern Angler also specializes in guide services on several local rivers.

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