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Central Michigan University Board of Trustees Approve 2017-18 Operating Budget

Central Michigan University’s board of trustees moved to approve the school’s 2017-18 operating budget as it grapples with money problems.

Back in March the university announced a $20 million deficit it chocked up to declining enrollment.

In an effort to cut spending by 4 percent, 13 employees were laid off and 29 vacant jobs were eliminated.

In Thursday morning’s meeting several items were approved, including increasing undergrad tuition by 2.69 percent.

That figures out to about $417 per credit hour.

Graduate and doctoral tuition will also increase nearly 5 percent.

Overall, a nearly $485 million operating budget was approved for 2017-18, a 1.5 percent decrease from last year.

However CMU still has had the lowest tuition increase of any public university in Michigan for the 8th year in a row.

“We are committed to keeping college education affordable as possible because we understand it’s a big burden on students, but at the same time we have to balance providing quality education, so it’s going to be a constant challenge going forward, but we’re committed to it,” says William Weidman, trustee.

The school also plans to lower the number of undergraduate credit hours required, to help students graduate easier in four years.

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