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Petoskey “Thriving” With New Business Owner Initiative

Petoskey business owners have a new way to work on improving their community.

Business owners are taking part in a new Chamber of Commerce initiative called "Thriving Petoskey." They think it will help grow business and attract new companies to the area.

9&10’s Aaron Parseghian has more details on the effort.

“I think this is going to be a real positive thing and something we’ll see grow and develop over the next several years,” says Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce President Carlin Smith.   

Businesses in Petoskey are profitable, but are they thriving? A new chamber of commerce initiative hopes to achieve that.

“The basis behind Thriving Petoskey is initiative to help improve the human condition of our community,When we talk about business practices we talk about what they call the triple bottom line, and that’s for businesses, look after our profits but also at the same time, the people and the planet,” added Smith.

The Petoskey Chamber is educating businesses on how to be conscientious. This includes treating employees well, being environmentally friendly, and creating a friendly environment.

A model that’s perfect for Petoskey.

One of the benefits of Petoskey, this small town, is you have an incredibly conscientious community. You have people who care about what they’re feeding their children, where they go, where they work, how they talk, what environment they’re exposed to,” said Julienne Tomatoes Owner Julie Adams.

Owners have seen the effect it can have on the customers.

“The happier environment that you have, that you create for yourself as a business owner, the more enjoyable experience customers are going to have when they come into the store,” said County Emmet Celtic Shop Owner Ed Karmann.

The chamber believes a thriving community is an attractive one.

“My ultimate dream is that I would love some business some place will look at Petoskey and say I like the culture they have in the community,” added Smith.

The Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce hopes efforts like “Thriving Petoskey” will help attract new businesses to the area.

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