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Mount Pleasant Residents Still Feeling Effects of the Major Storms

Promo Image: Mount Pleasant Residents Still Feeling Effects of the Major Storms

People are still picking up the pieces from the flooding waters that washed out several roads and created serious water damage for local people.

"I went to bed Thursday night, I went to bed with thunder lightning" said Mount Pleasant Resident, Barbara Ley.

That’s when an average night for Barbara — took an unexpected turn.

"I heard the sump pump running,
 she said. ”I checked downstairs and thought ‘okaaay.’"

With 16 inches of water–filling her basement, Barbara picked up the phone and called a restoration company.

"Sometimes people will on the weekends to schedule carpet cleanings; obviously, those were not the calls we were getting,” said Multi-Serve Insurance Manager Brittany Smith. “We were getting very frantic people who had water in their basements and needed help.”

90-plus people including Barbara called in Multi-Serve Restoration and repair to help bail them out.

Demand so high–it pulled employees from its four locations all across the state just to keep up.

"Overwhelming as far as the amount of calls that we’ve gotten,” Smith said. “I couldn’t even begin guess how many tons of pad and carpet we’ve removed from people’s homes."

Typical weekend call volume–may go as high as ten calls.

And while the situation has been less than ideal…

“You could never visualize what the feeling would be,” Barbara said.  

In a way, this has brought the community together.

“The Mount pleasant community has been incredible we’ve had customers that have got us lunch, given us snacks, they’ve offered us water, pop, coffee and been so caring,” Brittany said. “I’m so proud to live in this community.”

“I think it really bonded a lot of us.

“Multi-Serve says while restoration companies do have long lists of community members to take care of — they’re encouraging people to wait in line because even what seems to be a minor couple inches  of water can turn into mold — a major problem down the road.