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Red Cross Offers Help to Flood Victims in Mount Pleasant

The Red Cross has been set up in Mount Pleasant High School since Friday, and was finally able to call it a day Tuesday afternoon as flood recovery continues.

Over the last few days they’ve provided cots, showers, food and toiletries for those who needed them.

The Red Cross also is still giving away cleaning kits to help get damaged homes and apartments back in shape.

Fortunately, not many had to use the emergency shelters but volunteers say they’re happy to help in any way they can.

“You go through all of the emotions, but it’s nothing like the people that are suffering. If we do our job, if Red Cross does our job and the wonderful public out there gives us what we need to do our job, we can make it right," Rustie Lagebdorfer, volunteer said.

The Red Cross shelter in Mount Pleasant shut down, but if you would like to donate money or items to help flood victims you still can. To make a donation, text "Isabella" to 4144. You can drop off donation items at the .

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