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Isabella Co. Officials Warns Public About Potential Restoration Company Scams

Promo Image: Isabella Co. Officials Warns Public About Potential Restoration Company Scams

“Sometimes in bad times people take advantage of you,” Margaret Mcavoy, Isabella County PIO officer said.

With a swath of Mid-Michigan still underwater and many facing millions of dollars in damage, there’s a warning now to those trying to pick up their lives, that scams could soon start floating around the region.

As people work to restore their homes and businesses, Isabella County Emergency Management wants to make sure they’re using legitimate companies to do the work, and avoid potential scams.  

9&10’s Taylor Jones has been in Mt. Pleasant almost every day since the flooding began, and is back to explain a potential threat for homeowners.

County officials say disasters like these leave many people vulnerable. Now they are warning there could be people out there, trying to scam victims.

“These people they just need help, they don’t need someone ripping them off,” Tracy Fitzgerald, office manager, Servpro said.

But that’s exactly the concern, as flood ravaged neighborhoods clean up, comes a warning from Isabella County about people posing as members of the government, or a restoration service.

“There are persons that are saying they are a FEMA representative and then they are asking for financial donations to either inspect their homes or to provide some services for the flood insurance,” Mcavoy said.

When in reality…

“There are no FEMA inspectors here they are not in the community that hasn’t happened yet. We do have inspectors that are going out to do damage assessment and they are FEMA certified which means they have been trained to that’s standard but they are not employed by FEMA,” Mcavoy said.

Margaret says there have only been a few reports about this scam, as the cleanup continues.

Restoration companies like Servpro suggest having any hired help identify themselves first.

“If it’s a reputable company, you can call them and verify that the person at your door is with their company, feel free to ask for ID that matches the business card that they give you so you can verify they’d didn’t just take someone’s business card,” Fitzgerald said.

If you think the person at your door is a scam artist, call police.