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Champions Of Evart Celebrates Student Success

Promo Image: Champions Of Evart Celebrates Student Success

25 students at Evart High School celebrated success they achieved with the help of a unique new program.  

It’s called Champions Of Evart.

Students team up with mentors throughout the school district to set lofty academic goals and the kids who already have high GPA’s are challenged to give back to the community. 

Just three other schools across the state participate in this program.

It came with a big incentive: the students who met their goals got $200.

The money all comes from the local community.

"Usually people are not into school at all," said Arrow Bibbert. 

When you’re in high school, sometimes working on your GPA can seem a little mundane. 

"They’re just like ‘oh I’ll get out of here and never leave this town,’ they don’t think they’re going to do anything," Arrow said. 

But Champions Of Evart is working to change that attitude. Students pick a mentor, set a goal, then track their progress throughout the semester. 

"This has pushed us up even further and over the age focusing on academics students walk around and say have you talked to your champion this week and kids are really starting to take a hold of it," said Jessica Kolenda.

Arrow Bibbert wanted to raise her GPA from a 3.0 to a 3.4. 

"I didn’t think I would get the GPA they wanted me to, but I ended up doubling it and there were some kids that were so excited because they reached their GPA goals," Arrow said. 

Kaitlynn Gudding perfected a community project. 

"I’m just excited I got to be a part of this opportunity not just to help myself but to help everyone around me was just really cool," she said. 

The mentors, pouring their hearts into the program, with a goal to one day watch every student succeed. 

"I really hope someday we can push our kids to go to college or to an industrial trade school," said Jessica. 

Because more often than not a little grit, and having someone to look up to, goes a long way. 

"Building a relationship with a person, mentor, teacher, community member. They walk away every day knowing one more person really cares about them," Jessica said.  

If you want to donate to Champions of Evart you can call Jessica at 231-734-5551, or email