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Gov. Snyder Checks Out Flood Damage in Isabella, Midland Counties

Promo Image: Gov. Snyder Checks Out Flood Damage in Isabella, Midland Counties

"I’ve seen a lot of destruction in my 22 year career but nothing to this extent," Tony Calasi, director of Isabella County Road Commission said.

A fast-moving torrent of flood water that has undeniably left its mark across a wide range of central Michigan.

Everything from universities to entire roadways took on water.

Monday, the floods brought Governor Rick Snyder to all of the hardest hit areas.

We have had feet on the ground in Mount Pleasant since the beginning, keeping you updated as the waters first started to rise.

Teams are working around the clock as hundreds struggle with dozens of washed out roads and water damage.

"It’s terrible to have something like this happen," said Governor Rick Snyder.

Governor Snyder landed in water-ravaged Mount Pleasant, promising the state is working with FEMA and state police and assessments are in progress.

"We’ve had a lot of air assets up from the very beginning to do recordings so we can have a real record of how far the water actually went,” explained Snyder.

Some intersections are hard to miss.

"It’s not just two or three feet that’s washed away. It’s 15 to 20 feet of earth and road gone," said Calasi.

The Isabella County Road Commission says between 20-25 roads are gone, and more than 60 remain closed.

"This probably will rise, but we’re looking somewhere around $7-8 million just in road damage, at this point," explained Calasi.

CMU staff have also been bailing out water.

The Student Activity Center was hit the hardest.

"About 40 facilities across campus where we see water in the basements. We saw a lot of upsurge from the storm sewer system, pushing water back into campus. It started to expand," Jonathan Webb Associate V.P. CMU Facilities Management said.

As classes continue, the university says it’s well-equipped to speed through needed repairs.

The governor says it will take an unknown amount of time to get federal help.