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Isabella, Midland County Crews Work Around The Clock To Help With Flood Damage

Promo Image: Isabella, Midland County Crews Work Around The Clock To Help With Flood Damage

The floods in Mount Pleasant have left loads of damage in their wake.
The disaster continues to affect the whole county.

Tainted flood waters and damaged homes are now being assessed to figure how much damage was done.
Crews are also working 24/7 to keep the community safe.

"We have a basic estimate, we are at the tens of millions of dollars of damage," said Margaret Mcavoy.

While flood waters recede back into the Chippewa River, crews are figuring out how much damage was done in Isabella County. 

"This is what we planned for, this is what we trained for, this is what we prepared for. You hope you never have to put this into action, but when you do it’s good to have the best of the best," she said. 

Isabella County Parks and Recreation says that boat launches at Deerfield Nature Park, Meridian Park, Majeske Landing, Coldwater Lake Family Park and Herrick Recreation Area are closed due to unsafe high water.

They will be closed until further notice. 

So far close to 110 miles of county roads have been compromised. More than 18 roads and intersections have been closed, and for now they’ll stay that way. 

"We have intersections that are totally closed, we have intersection that are totally gone there is no road underneath the road," she said. 

Behind the scenes, a crew of 30 men and women have been working around the clock since Friday morning when the flood waters started wreaking havoc. 

"The morale is high I think you see that yourself. There was a period of time where fatigue set in for folks, but we are back and we are energized.
We are all here working to  as a team to recover from this disaster and I am confident we will," Margaret said. 

Margaret also wants people to stay away from the river and stay behind barricades, because of dangerous conditions that still rage on days after the flood.

"We almost had a fatality on the river because two adults decided to kayaking we do not want people on the river it is not the time to recreate on the river.
It is too fast, it is too swift to play in it. That water is not treated, we do not know the significance of that water," Margaret said. 

 Even though crews have long days and nights ahead of them, they aren’t backing down. 

"Safety and health is our priority we are here to help you recover from this and we will be on the job until it’s done," she said. 
The Michigan State Police is encouraging people with a well that has been covered by flood water to have their well cleaned and tested to ensure the water is safe to drink. The test costs 16 dollars. You can call the Isabella County Health Department for more information.