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Farmers Concerned About Crops In Isabella County

Promo Image: Farmers Concerned About Crops In Isabella County

With the sporadic rain patterns in recent weeks parts of Michigan are too wet while others are way too dry.
The Michigan Farm Bureau says heavy rainfall may ruin crops in Central Michigan fields where growers were worried about drought earlier this spring.
More than a foot of rain has fallen in Isabella and Midland Counties.
Crop specialists say many producers will have to make tough choices in the upcoming days about whether to re-plant crops or give them up. But it’s a different story in parts of Southern Michigan: many growers in the state still aren’t getting the rain they need. 

"We are going to have thousands of acres that are totally gone, those crops have been under water for 48 hours," said Margaret McAvoy,
Michigan State Extension is evaluating the damage in the Isabella County area for crop losses.