Cyclists Ride From Detroit to Traverse City To Raise Money For Cancer Prevention

Sunday a more than 300 mile bike ride across the state to raise funds for cancer prevention ended right here in northern Michigan.

Cyclists rode from Detroit to Traverse City to raise money for a cancer prevention organization called

They ended their ride at the Cowell Family Cancer Center during their Cancer Prevention Picnic.

9&10’s Megan Woods has more details on how the picnic and ride came together.

“Everybody wants less cancer.”

Sunday Munson Medical Center hosted their annual Cancer Prevention Picnic, a special picnic for survivors Gibson Shuff and Kathleen Hayes.

Shuff is a 50-year-survivor and says, “I kind of don’t tell everybody I’m a survivor sometimes you kind of feel guilty. I was treated way back when before when a lot of the stuff was experimental so it’s kind of nice to see people walking around being healthy.”

Hayes is a 22-year-survivor and says, “People that are just starting out it really helps them see that there are people that are alive 20 years later, 50 years later it’s not all the statistic that everybody’s going to die.”

This year was different, the picnic welcomed dozens of cyclists from a fundraising ride for an organization that’s all about prevention.

Founder of Bill Couzens says, “The organization was all about preventing suffering we know with cancer comes lots of suffering, economically socially, we lose people, it’s tough.”

Cyclists rode from Detroit to Traverse City and have raised more than $70,000 for

Couzens says, “This ride is critical to us for raising funds to do our work. People online, all over the country are contributing to these cyclists who are riding from Detroit to here at the Cowell Family Cancer Center in Traverse City.”

The Cowell Family Cancer Center was the perfect end to a purposeful ride.

Couzens says, “They’re totally connected to the community and are into making sure they have a healthy community holistically so this is a very special place and I think nationally a very unique cancer institute.” 

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