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Live Asian Carp Found About 9 Miles From Lake Michigan

Promo Image: Live Asian Carp Found About 9 Miles From Lake Michigan

A fisherman caught a live Asian carp in a Chicago waterway, about nine miles from Lake Michigan.

Federal and state officials say a fisherman netted the fish below the T.J. O’Brien Lock and Dam.

The silver carp weight about 8 pounds and was 28 inches long.

Silver carp are one of four Asian carp species threatening to invade the Great Lakes.

According to scientist, Asian carp would devastate the region’s $7 billion fishing industry.

This is only the second time a live Asian carp has been found beyond the electric barrier network 36 miles southwest of the city. The barrier is designed to keep invasive fish like Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes.

In 2010 a bighead carp was discovered in Lake Calumet in Chicago. 

We discussed the issue with Republican Representative Bill Huizenga Thursday afternoon.

He issued a statement Friday.

“The discovery of Asian Carp this close to Lake Michigan demonstrates how the window of opportunity to protect the Great Lakes is closing,” said Congressman Huizenga. “If Asian Carp are able to gain access and reproduce within the Great Lakes, the environmental and economic damage will be severe.  Protecting the Great Lakes should be a national priority and a bipartisan endeavor. I am calling on the Trump Administration to release the Brandon Road Study. If the Administration does not release this critical study, the House should take up the Stop Asian Carp Now Act to force its release.”

Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow, who is working with Huizenga on the effort, also issued a statement Friday.

“Today’s news is a wakeup call,” said Senator Stabenow. “It is deeply alarming that a live Silver carp was found only nine miles from Lake Michigan.  While I’m glad the emergency protocols I helped create through legislation in 2015 played a role in this detection, the fact remains that we need a permanent solution at Brandon Road.  We need to know how the Silver carp came so close to Lake Michigan and whether there are any additional carp in the area.”