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Beaverton Homeowners Dealing With Flooding After Storm

Promo Image: Beaverton Homeowners Dealing With Flooding After Storm

Many homes have serious damage in Beaverton.

They woke up to find standing water in their basements, and more.

Flooding is also impacting many homeowners like the Burgess family.

They let us in their basement to check it out the damage.

Earlier, there was 2-feet of standing water. The floors are still wet, and toys furniture are ruined.

Tiffany Burgess’ kitchen is also in her basement.

Now she worries how she will cook for her family.

Their basement is where they kept laundry, kitchen supplies, books and furniture. Now, everything in it is destroyed.

The family also says they will have to replace their drywall, floors and cabinets

But as a mother, Tiffany is most worried about her family’s health.

“That’s one of my biggest concerned (mold) and the fact that it was raw sewage, and meningitis, and all that stuff, and not eating the children exposed to that and getting it dried out so we don’t have issues with mold, and all that comes with it,” says Tiffany.