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Two Houses Hit By Lightning About Two Miles Apart in Harrison

Two separate bolts of lightning hit two different homes about two miles apart Thursday morning in Harrison.

A seasonal cabin is destroyed, and the fire is now out.

The fire chief says the lightning struck the home, then may have channeled to a tree behind the house, splitting it in half.

The garage also was partially burned, but help from three departments kept the fire from spreading.

A neighbor says he saw the blast and felt it through his floor.       

No one was home, but he says the family that lives inside were on their way up for a weekend stay.

Fire crews say it is a devastating example of what Mother Nature is capable of.

"We haven’t had any major fire runs in the past three weeks, but this lightning storm this morning come through and sparked. We had three runs. One was a transformer, but you just never know," said Buster Vasher, Harrison Community Fire Department.

Another home about two to three miles away, near Monte’s Family Restaurant, was also hit by lightning.

The fire chief says the windows were blown out of that home, but no one was hurt.