Traverse City Students Put Their Imaginations To The Ultimate Test

Traverse City students are strapping on their thinking caps and putting their imaginations to the ultimate test this week.

The roughly 80 kindergarten through sixth graders are working on all kinds of projects at Camp Invention.

They’re going to their supply room to put together duct tape creations, catapults, snowball slingshots, and even rocket ships. They’re also de-constructing things like DVD players from home to make other inventions.

“Camp invention allows them to feel empowered with their imagination,” said Director Janelle Jesse-McPherson. “It’s really an outlet for them to be who they are and not have a correct answer or a wrong answer, and no matter what they do here throughout the week — it’s the right way for them.”

Students are awarded money each day for their inventions. At the end of the week, they learn marketing skills so they can "sell" their designs their peer-investors.

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