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New Pedestrian Island Makes One Everyday Task Easier

Promo Image: New Pedestrian Island Makes One Everyday Task Easier

We’ve always been told to look both ways before we cross the street.

Now that responsibility will be becoming easier on one Greilickville street — starting Thursday.

It’s called the Pedestrian Island.

It’s an 8-foot by 10-foot installation that will be used as a half way point when crossing M-22 near Greilickville to get to what most tourists come to Michigan for – the water.

Once tourism season slows down in the fall, the platform will be removed, then re-inserted in the Spring.

“It’s just scary to watch them get across,” said Program Director of Rotary Camps and Services, John Noonan. “Ultimately I think it’s a great solution to this problem that’s not just here; we’ve got it in Traverse City, on the east bay township, and all the places in the state. It’s just the way the high way system grew up.”

The Michigan Department of Transportation confirmed — if this pilot-project is a success, they’ll put in other pedestrian islands across the state.