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Mount Pleasant Homeowners, Workers Prepare For Severe Weather

Promo Image: Mount Pleasant Homeowners, Workers Prepare For Severe Weather

Mount Pleasant was one place in the crosshairs for possible severe weather Thursday night.

The rain and ominous skies isn’t keeping drivers off the road.

People here know about the threat and are taking it seriously.

“First thought is I have to drive home at some point. I have a little car so it doesn’t like heavy rain,” Allison Sprague said.

When drivers like Allison hear about strong storms, one of their first thoughts is getting home safely.

“Always have my lights on hazards and if it’s really bad just create more attention to myself,” Allison said.

She’s a new homeowner and is concerned about the damage severe weather can cause.

I’m always worried about it. Like I said I’m a new a homeowner so the cost of fixing it is on me so that’s a lot of fun,” she said.

Brittany Smith is getting ready to see if she will have to go to work.

“I work for a restoration company it makes me think I’m going to get called into work because we are 24 hours,” Brittany said.

Her company constantly adjusts to severe weather to get the job done, regardless of rain.

“It can be tricky and especially when someone has a roof leak and they need a tarp on it and we can’t go up on the roof in a storm so we just have to be as proactive as possible,” she said.

They also take steps to keep employees safe.

We have ropes we tie off the ladders we tie up the guys getting on the roof so we try to be as safe as possible with the situation we are in,” she said.

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