Lightning Starts Fire, Blows Out Windows of Clare Co. Homes

Two bolts of lightning struck two different Clare County homes, leaving behind destruction.

The Harrison fire chief says lightning struck a seasonal cabin on Al Heiden Road in Hayes Township.

Closer to Harrison, lightning hit another home while a man slept inside.

"They were coming up because they are on vacation with babies. So it was a good thing they didn’t come up last night,” a neighbor said.

Miles away, Sylvester Monte woke up to a similar strike.

“All at once, it started like an explosion,” Sylvester said.

His power went out, and his windows were blown out in an instant.

"I didn’t know what happened. My nephew come and run from the restaurant there and he said I see the smoke at the house. He said ‘Uncle Syl, Uncle Syl, are you okay?’ I says yeah, I’m fine, I’m fine."

His windows are all insured.

Between both strikes no one was hurt.

"This could have been a whole different story and dangerous,” a neighbor said.

Those living around here are preparing for another storm.

Sylvester says he has candles at the ready in case it happens again.