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Reed City Couple Celebrates 70th Wedding Anniversary

Promo Image: Reed City Couple Celebrates 70th Wedding Anniversary

Twenty five thousand, five hundred and fifty days. That’s how long of time this Reed City couple has been together.

Wednesday was their 70th wedding anniversary.

Don and Ruth Crockett define commitment.

9&10’s Taylor Jones caught up with the couple as they share this special day, 70 years into their wonderful journey.

“When your 95, this is about as far as you can walk,” says Don.

Don and Ruth, walking through life together, celebrating 70 years of marriage.

Back in 1947 the two met after Don came back from serving in WWII.

“We met on blind dates. I never took blind dates, I refused to take them. She had to go to this dance in Detroit so I went and that’s where we met, says Don.

Ruth added, “I went home and told my mother I think I met the man I would probably marry.”

Just six weeks later, the two were married.

And they have been doing everything together ever since.

“She liked the same things that I did, good music, symphonies.

We like to travel all over the United States, we’ve seen Gettysburg, Smokey Mountains, Cape Cod, California,” says Don.

Wednesday the couple looked back on some fun memories.

“We went on a date one night and we went to this place and the band was playing and so all of a sudden he got up to sing and I went into the john but when I head his voice, I came back. He had a beautiful voice,” says Ruth.

The couple has three sons and several grandchildren.

Ruth says the communication has been the key in their 70-year-old love.

“If I get disgusted with him or mad at him about something I tell him about it and he does the same for me.

We are blessed our boys are a blessing, our friends and we realize it,” says Ruth.