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‘Stand Up For Great Lakes’ Paddleboarders Complete Trip Across Lake Huron

The paddleboarders from Stand Up For Great Lakes just reached land!

The group is now calling it a successful trip as they paddled across Lake Huron to raise money for the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

The ‘Stand Up for Great Lakes’ group took off from Alpena around 8 Monday morning and we have a crew with them bringing you along for the ride!

They paddled 90 miles to Tobermory, Canada.

The purpose of the paddleboard trip is to raise money for the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Their goal is to help keep our Great Lakes beautiful.

The group arrive in Tobermory around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader spoke with one of the group members’ fiancé who says she’s unbelievably proud of this group.

 “I’m so happy that they’ve finally been doing it,” explains Megan McCormack. “They’ve put in so much work — not only on the water, but off the water. And these guys are great. They’re going for a great cause. All the support that we can get, and that we have been getting is just amazing.”

The paddleboarders kept up their spirits with motivation from each other and the knowledge of the good they’re doing for the Great Lakes.

“The fact that they’ll be the first paddle boarders to cross Lake Huron — that’s a pretty big motivator right there,” adds McCormack. “They just want to get it done and do something big like they’re trying to do to help protect these lakes.”

We have a camera on the safety boat documenting this monumental trip the entire way.

We’ll have more as they make their way across the lake, both on air and online.

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