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Osceola Twp. Denies Nestle’s Appeal To Pump More Water

Promo Image: Osceola Twp. Denies Nestle’s Appeal To Pump More Water

“The township board had a tough decision to make in regards to one of their larger employers.”

Rough water still ahead for Nestle, in its mission to draw more water from an Osceola County well.

The company has been working to get approval from Osceola Township for a new booster pump station, allowing it to draw more water from a nearby aquifer.

A special land use permit was denied by the township planning commission after it was determined the station would not perform an essential service to the community.

 Nestle representatives went before the board of appeals Tuesday night to request a change in zoning classification.

Board members listened to a presentation from Nestle but ultimately denied the appeal, citing a need for further clarification in legal definitions.

“There’s small issues that need to be evened out, so that people behind us living in this township don’t go through this again. Pure and simple,” Ron Phelps, Osceola Twp. zoning board of appeals said.

Nestle has said it’s undecided whether it will appeal to the county circuit court.