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Clare Co. Deputies Looking For Couple They Say Attacked Man With Shovel Inside Cemetery

“There was a gentleman out there just covered in blood.”

 Clare County deputies need your help tracking down a couple they say attacked a man with a shovel and hammer inside a cemetery.

Brett Ostrander and Christie Austin went to several towns with Kollin Love Saturday night, including a bar in Cadillac.

They later claimed they had money buried in a cemetery in Clare County’s Hamilton Township.

That’s when Kollin says the pair began attacking him.

9&10’s Taylor Jones spoke to the victim.

The couple told Kollin they buried money in the cemetery and dug a hole. 

But the promise of treasure turned out to be a trap.

“I’m not even looking and just not paying attention helping them a little bit and I go down and he just keeps hitting me,” Kollin said.

Locked in a desperate fight for his life against a shovel and hammer, Kollin Love had to think fast.

“I don’t know how I did it, but somehow I pushed her over and ran off into the woods,” Kollin said.

The couple drove away.

A few hours later, Kollin knocked on a door for help.

“My husband looked out and there was a gentleman out there just covered in blood and so he opened the door and when I asked him if he had been in an accident he said no someone just tried to kill me, so of course we then got right on the phone called 911,” Linda said.

Paramedics responded to the home on East Townline Road.

Homeowner Linda Bentely and her husband say Kollin looked pretty bad.

“Just blood running down all over him his hands were swollen, his leg was really swollen,” Linda said.

“I have two lacerations here, one big, one 16 staples and right now it’s just a mess. I was a bloody mess from head to toe,” Kollin said.

Police are now looking for Christie Austin and Brett Ostrander, whose record includes convictions for assault and other crimes.

“It’s like a weird dream, the last few days especially right when it happened I was conscious thank God I never lost it’s just kind of weird. I’m really distraught by the fact that he hasn’t been caught yet and I’m kind of hoping no one else has to go through this,” Kollin said.

If you have any information on where these two might be, please call the Clare County Sheriff’s Office at (989)-539-7166.