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Cadillac Community Reacts To Sound Garden Vandalism

Promo Image: Cadillac Community Reacts To Sound Garden Vandalism

A place made for creating music and peace was found to be disturbed by vandals Monday.

Police need your help to find who did this to the Cadillac Sound Garden.

The City of Cadillac was in the process of renovating the garden when they discovered one of its main instruments had been ripped from the ground and toppled over.

Take a look at this up-close shot of the damage.

The city says plans had also been laid out to start installing new instruments before this happened.

Many who either pass by the park on foot every day or enjoy the garden’s unique instruments say it’s a sad sight to see.

"I think the whole situation of the vandalizing of the sound garden is sad,” says Meghan Lambourne, who has spent her life in Cadillac. “I think it was unique to our community and it’s definitely one of the places I bring friends from out of town here every time they come up."

Police say they have been looking for the vandal or group of vandals who did this since before noon Monday.

If you know anything that could help, call Cadillac police.