Traverse City Man Found Dead After Heated Argument; Police Investigating As Homicide

“I was concerned for somebody’s safety.”

Police, crime labs and EMS were all surrounding a Traverse City home Sunday after a man was killed.

Police say the man living at the home called and said there was incident.

They found Daniel Mckaye stabbed and unresponsive, and tried to revive him.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say there was a witness drinking with the two men beforehand but left before things escalated.

9&10’s Megan Woods talked to police about the case and is at the Barlow Street home with tonight’s top story.

Police say the person living here is claiming this was all self-defense, and he was actually sent to the hospital then later released.

People living nearby say it’s hard to imagine what may have happened.

“It makes me really feel like I should have went over there,” Ishkwada Fowler said.

Neighbors say before all the police and sirens they heard arguing. 

“I heard some yelling earlier so I didn’t know what that was about, so I heard it all night long so maybe that’s what that was like it was coming from the alley over there and all night long I was thinking should I go over there, should I go over there,” Fowler said.

And to know that someone lost life is not only tragic, but it leaves police trying to piece together the facts.

“When somebody else is gone you know you’re not just effecting that one person you’re effecting a lot of people this is effecting their son, daughter their sister their brother their mother their father,” Fowler said.

“We owe them the investigation, so out of that investigation they’ll be some scientific analysis to determine if it was a homicide or if it was self-defense and the autopsy will determine that also, it’ll assist us it’s not going to give us all the evidence that we have but it will help the prosecutor make their decision,” Chief Jeff O’Brien, Traverse City Police Department said.

No arrests have been made and Monday morning the body was sent to Kalamazoo for an autopsy.

We spoke to a friend of the man killed who didn’t want to go on camera, but they say Daniel Mckaye was loved by everyone and they’re still in shock.