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Traverse City Commissioners to Discuss Regulations on Short-Term Rentals

Promo Image: Traverse City Commissioners to Discuss Regulations on Short-Term Rentals

Traverse City commissioners will be tackling another busy agenda shortly.

A new item on the agenda involves short term rentals, and how much local governments can regulate them.

9&10’s Whitney Amann is live with more on the short term rental debate and what this could mean for the city.

Commissioners will consider adopting a resolution on short term rentals in the city Monday night.

The resolution is all about state or local control.

A state law was introduced earlier this year that would eliminate local government’s ability to regulate short term rentals in residential zoned areas.

This would impact affordable housing in the city.

Short term rentals allowed anywhere in the city, could take away from long term rentals that provide housing to workers.

Traverse City staff believe local control is better than state control.

“Every time you take a house off that was maybe available for somebody on a monthly basis or yearly basis that means one less home and rents go up and it’s harder to find a place to live if you want to live and work here because people that could rent homes on a nightly basis or weekly basis can ask for far more for rent than they’re asking on a monthly basis,” Russ Soyring, planning director said.

We will have more from the meeting and what commissioners decide on 9&10 News at 11.