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Roundabout To Be Put In Intersection In Fife Lake

Promo Image: Roundabout To Be Put In Intersection In Fife Lake

“I think it will help tremendously, more complaints, but it’s better than accidents,” said Catira Mercer, sales associate at Beacon and Bridge Market.

A dangerous intersection in Grand Traverse County, now getting a roundabout.

The intersection of US 131 and M-186 in Fife Lake has seen a pattern of crashes over the years

Last year, MDOT’s Traverse City Transportation Center decided that a traffic signal should get installed.

But an analysis showed that a roundabout would be better to prevent deadly accidents.

Those working at Beacon and Bridge Market, near the intersection, say despite hearing negative comments about roundabouts,  it’s better than having another deadly crash.

“This is a little town, it’s safe here, so when they’re pulling out, they’re not thinking that somebody’s going to be going 75, or maybe not paying attention,” said Mercer. “It’s like we’re all kind of a family here, so we just hope that people are being safer than they really are.”

The construction is expected to be $2.3 million, and is planned for 2019.