Cadillac Library Builds Summer Activities With ‘Lego Challenge’ For Kids

When you think about where your kids are spending their summer, you might not think of the library as their first choice.

The Cadillac Library wants to change that.

Kids in grades 5 through 12 are digging into the "Lego One Scoop Challenge."

It’s a part of the library’s summer reading program and it’s free.

Working in teams or flying solo, kids build creations out of a single scoop of Lego’s.

Whoever has the coolest creation wins a prize.

"It’s incredibly important,” says Emily Oleniczak, Reference and Teen Services. “They have so many outlets to go to and so many things influencing them, I hope that I give them a good area to have the time. They are not in school but they are still thinking."

The library is planning many other free activities in the coming months, starting with a Harry Potter theme throughout July.