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Hundreds Attend Cadillac’s Day On The Canal

Promo Image: Hundreds Attend Cadillac’s Day On The Canal

Hundreds of people made their way to Mitchell State Park for the 8th Annual Day on the Canal.

People came from all over the state to camp, watch cardboard boat races and walk around a local craft show.

Some of the proceeds also go back to helping put on programs at the park.

"Just the atmosphere it’s very fun very family focused and everyone is very friendly," said Stacy Verburg.

People didn’t let mother nature stop them from checking out Day on the Canal.

"You can tell year after year people come specifically this weekend so I knew we would have diehards come out rain or shine so I’m happy we had several hundred people come out," Derek said.

More than fifteen different crafters and organizations also set up shop to sell their products.

"I talked to some of the crafters and they said they were having a great day," Kathleen Kelso said.

Some campers, making their way up to Cadillac for the very first time.

"We loved it it’s been really fun we saw the boat race on the canal it was great we said we are going to have to come participate and the craft show is really neat we walked around earlier and had to buy our pillows," Stacy said.

Crafters used the day to show off the products they pour hard work in to. Like Danielle Lee, who is always in pain from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, a nervous system disorder. She makes and sells pillows to build strength in her hands.

"It shows me that people do show interest and it kind of helps me mentally makes me really happy and happy that I’m doing something," she said.