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Wings Over Northern Michigan Prepares to Take Flight

Promo Image: Wings Over Northern Michigan Prepares to Take Flight

No matter the weather, Gaylord is a buzz this weekend.

Excitement is building up to the start of the Wings over Northern Michigan air show.

9&10’s Aaron Parseghian is at the airport where some are getting a behind-the-scenes look.

People are ecstatic here at Gaylord Regional Airport.

Throughout the day we’ve seen planes of all kinds.

One of them being a C-17, which is actually the largest plane to ever land at the airport.

We talked to some of the people about what they’ve seen and why Saturday’s show is such a unique experience.

 “Getting up inside that B-17 or that Mitchell Bomber would be the treat of a lifetime,” James Argo, a plane enthusiast said.

Some getting that treat Friday, a special sneak peek at what’s to come this weekend at Wings over Northern Michigan.

Spins and barrel rolls are breaking the sound barrier.

Pilots are putting on an incredible behind the scenes show.

“Excellent show, very well run, very well supported by the local community, they take care of our performers very well,” Mike Weinfurter, plane owner said.

Planes from all over are landing in for the weekend.

For many, it’s a chance to relive history

“Getting next to these, beautiful old airplanes, is just a step back in time and it’s just wonderful,” Argo said.

And, it’s a fun treat for aviation fanatics.

 “It was awesome, very cool. You feel all the vibrations, but it was neat flying in a part of history, it was very cool,” Nicholas Hildebrand, contest winner said.

A unique experience for all who attend.

“These airplanes aren’t something you see every day, you don’t see these around every day, anymore like you used to,” Weinfurter said.

The fun gets started Saturday at 10 a.m., at the Gaylord airport.