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Northern Ontario Group Visits Traverse City For Tips On Tourism Industry

Promo Image: Northern Ontario Group Visits Traverse City For Tips On Tourism Industry

Traverse City’s success in tourism is admired all over the world and this weekend leaders from Canada are visiting and taking notes.

A group of 20 business owners, civic leaders and tourism professionals from northern Ontario are spending their weekend in Traverse City.

It’s for a program called Best Practices Mission where they get to experience the town and take a few pointers back home with them.

9&10’s Megan Woods was with them Friday and has more details.

“We could have put a dot anywhere on the map pretty much.”

But Traverse City was the place they chose to experience.

Chris Hughes from BC Hughes Tourism Development says, “Traverse City stood out because it’s close. Not to say that Traverse City is a competitor, but we want to see that flow of visitors from that urban environment going north so it has a lot of similarities to Ontario.

For Traverse City, it’s an honor to help another Community

President and CEO of Traverse City Tourism, Trevor Tkach says, “Well it’s exciting to think that there’s other parts in the world that recognize all the hard work and effort that goes into putting on a good tourism business here in Traverse City and it’s an honor and pleasure to have our neighbors here learning more about what we do.”             

The only way to do that, is to give them the ultimate experience so they can find their own tourism niche.

Hughes says, “We’re out doing the Pints for Paddle in the downtown core, we’re at a winery this evening we’re doing downtown walking tours again with all local people to tell us the stories and get the depth of the destinations we’re just trying to understand how the city works.”

Tkach says, “We’ve built a community we love to live in, people see that and the world sees that, that’s unique to us and no one can really take that away.”

On Monday the northern Ontario group will then head to Petoskey and Mackinaw before returning home.