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Construction Project Creates Traffic Trouble in Harrison

Traffic troubles for people in Harrison.

A lane closure is delaying drivers for up ten minutes.

The construction project on the north side of Harrison, starting at Townline and Old 127 and going north up to U.S. 127.

The project is to update utilities along the old highway.

Crews are resurfacing, causing back-ups.

At one point, the line of cars went back half a mile.

Despite the delays, some are happy the work is being done, but business owners in the construction zone say this is hurting their bottom line.

 “I think it’s great we are going to get some new pavement on the ground and get some new sidewalks in Harrison. The benefits are going to be good when they get done,” says Mike Albertson, a Harrison resident.

Harrison fireworks tent owner, Anthony D. Mangeno says, “Slow. No customers yet because of the traffic. It would have been nice if they had pick a different time to do it. It’s getting close to the holiday, so maybe they will have it done by then.”

The project is expected to wrap up on June 30.

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