Benchley Chiropractic Raises Nearly $4,000 For Clare County Sheriff John Wilson

In this update, Benchley Chiropractic in Clare raised thousands of dollars through a fundraiser to support Clare County Sheriff John Wilson.

Over the last couple of months, they collected donations to help Sheriff John Wilson after he was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

Tons of community members both in Clare County and even from out of town donated to help the sheriff with medical expenses.

About $3,900 was given to Wilson Wednesday at the practice.

Many say he’s been such a great sheriff and influence on the community, it was a time the community could give back.

“My biggest surprise was how many checks came from different areas, not even in our state, like people sending in money that just know him. He’s such an asset to the community that they are just willing to donate, says John McCracken, office manager.    

Benchley Chiropractic would like to thank everyone who contributed to helping Sheriff Wilson.