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University of Michigan Announces Free Tuition Program For Eligible Students

Promo Image: University of Michigan Announces Free Tuition Program For Eligible Students

“Regardless of what your family income is, we will find a way to help you afford a spectacular education.”

Plenty of reaction is brewing on our social media feeds, following a major announcement by the University of Michigan: the Go Blue Guarantee.

It’s a free tuition plan that will be offered to both incoming and current students.

To qualify, students must live in-state, turn in FAFSA forms on time, and have a family income less than 65-thousand dollars. 

The $65,000 benchmark is very close to the state’s median family income of $63,893.

Go Blue Guarantee pays for courses and about $250 of mandatory fees.

Some are very excited about the plan and can’t wait for it to start in January 2018.

They say students who never thought college was in their horizon will now have the opportunity they’ve always deserved.

Other people think it’s unfair.

That’s because in-state families earning more than $65,000 will have a tuition increase of 2.9-percent.

For a full time, in-state student studying, for example, business, it could cost up to a total of about $2,200 extra for four years.

Newly-retired college professor Harry Gustafson see both sides, he said.

“I think you gotta level the playing field, too, for those that make over $65,000 because you can still be struggling,” he said. “That doesn’t mean you’re rich.”

But overall he thinks it’s great, he said.

“I think it’s going in the right direction, I think anyone should be able to get a college education,” he said. “I think it’s really progressive.”

The program is set to launch in January of 2018.