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Osceola County Couple Offers Reward After They Say Someone Shot and Killed Their Dog

Promo Image: Osceola County Couple Offers Reward After They Say Someone Shot and Killed Their Dog

An Osceola County couple is heartbroken after they say someone shot and killed their dog.

Now they are offering a reward for information.

Kelli Shultz and Gene Kardos say it all started two weekends ago, when they were at a friend’s house near Evart and their dog stitch got loose and ran away.

Minutes later, the couple says they heard gun shots.

9&10’s Taylor Jones met with the couple Thursday. She brings us tonight’s top story.

Kelli and Gene’s dog meant everything to them.

They have these flyers out around town offering $1,000 for any information on who killed him.

“I was looking across the field to see, I thought maybe I’d see him run across and I just looked down and he was just laying right along the side, close to the edge here,” says Shultz.

The road where Kelli says she found their dog Stitch, an Australian Stumpy on the ground with two gunshot wounds. They tried to get him to the vet, but it was too late.

“I had just thought he had been hit by a car, I was shocked to see he had been shot. We called the sheriff, they came over that night and we have the report, but since we didn’t see who actually did it, they couldn’t do anything about it,” says Shultz.               

Now the couple is just trying to find out who took their beloved family member away.

“He was with me all the time, whenever I could take him. He was a good dog,” says Kardos

Shultz added, “he was a fun and funny dog. The wind would blow and the leaves would move and he would jump to the highest limb. It was amazing how high he could jump and loved kids, he loved everybody.”

Kelli and Gene want to make sure this never happens to anyone else.

“When you go into the house there’s his chair he’s not there anymore and it’s just odd, you don’t want to go home almost at night. It doesn’t matter what happens, the dog is not coming back but I do want to keep anyone else from having to ever go through this,” says Kardos.

If you have information call 936-661-8517.