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Congressman Moolenaar Discusses Shooting at Congressional Baseball Practice

Promo Image: Congressman Moolenaar Discusses Shooting at Congressional Baseball Practice

"You could hear bullets hitting the metal fence. You could hear the thud of bullets landing."

Congressman John Moolenaar, of Michigan, is reliving the terrifying moments a man opened fire at a Congressional baseball practice.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is in critical condition. Michigan native and lobbyist Matt Mika was upgraded to serious condition after Wednesday’s shooting in Virginia.

But Thursday night’s game will go on.

Police are now racing through gunman James Hodgkinson’s phone, computer and camera found inside the white van where FBI say he had been living.

He was killed by police in the ensuing fire fight.

Authorities confirmed Hodgkinson legally purchased an assault-style rifle from a licensed gun seller.

Three others, including two capitol officers were shot and hurt.

Representative Moolenaar says without the strong response from officers, it could have been a massacre.

 “I’m just very grateful for the courage of those law enforcement officials, the two who started returning fire and aggressively pursued the attacker, and then, as additional police arrived on the scene, that they were able to take the attacker out, because ultimately there was one exit, only one exit from the ball field and he had that covered within his range of fire,” said Congressman Moolenaar.

President Donald Trump spoke at the White House Thursday, saying Scalise’s condition is worse than originally thought.

Matt Mika’s family says he’s lucky to be alive.

Thursday night’s Congressional baseball game begins just after 7 p.m.