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Thief Caught On Camera Stealing From Grand Traverse Co. Motorcycle Dealership

Promo Image: Thief Caught On Camera Stealing From Grand Traverse Co. Motorcycle Dealership

Classic Motor Sports in Grand Traverse County stunned after this man left them with thousands of dollars in damage and stole pricey items.

The sheriff’s office says it happened between midnight and one Monday morning.

9&10’s Megan Woods has more details on the crime and how the powersport community is helping out.

“Your first reaction is wow, someone physically broke something to steal.”             

Sales manager of Classic Motor Sports, Tyler Cole says this isn’t the first time someone stole from them, but it is the first time someone went through all this trouble. “We were all in a lot of shock just because the nature of how it was done and then your first thought is what else did he do, has he broke into other businesses and homes and until he’s caught what else is he going to do.”

It’s the same thought running through other dealerships’ minds like Epic Powersports.

Owner Matt Harris says, “It concerns me that someone could break in, know what they were picking up so fast, to know the right things at a bike shop to steal you know thousands and thousands of dollars. For a small shop like us that could be crippling this time of the year to get that inventory back being at the height of the season.”

That’s why they decided to offer a reward to maybe put an end to the thief’s future plans.

Harris says, “We offered a $500 in store credit for anyone that could kind of lead to this person, we want to keep our area clean and keep those people off the streets.”

The outpouring of community support is why Classic Motor Sports believes justice will be served.

Cole says, “We are just thrilled and amazed at how many people care, so many people care, nobody likes a thief as it turns out and so everybody is really spreading the word.”

The sheriff’s office says the man left on a sport style motorcycle parked at a nearby business.

If you have any information, call the Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office at 231-995-5000.