Plans For New Apartments Come To Garfield Township Planning Commissioners

“We need more housing, all different kinds of housing,” said Rob Larrea, Director of Planning.

New apartments could be coming to Grand Traverse County.

An apartment complex expansion and a new complex were discussed at the Garfield Township Commissioners meeting on Wednesday.

Ridge 45 applied for an expansion and a rezoning request to begin phase three of their construction.

It was also a chance for Fox Run to hear feedback before applying to build an 84 unit apartment complex.

Their site is adjacent to the Mitchell Creek Nature Preserve, so planning commissioners want to make sure the property is kept natural and the wetlands are preserved.

“Anytime you have a development that’s that close to a sensitive area, you have to use additional methods to protect those wetlands and with all the engineering standards and all the new ways of treating storm water and things of that nature, it can be fit into that project,” said Larrea.

No decisions were made Wednesday.

Ridge 45’s next step is a public hearing and Fox Run can now submit a formal application.